Investment Management

Norrenberger Wealth Management offers you the flexibility to invest and plan on your own or with a financial advisor. Are you investing for capital appreciation or for income? Norrenberger Fund & Portfolio Managers would assist you all the way.

Capital Appreciation

As your financial needs—and the markets—change, your portfolio may also need to evolve with them. Our investing ideas can help you fine–tune your investments so they have the potential to grow with your needs.

Investment Income

Investing in fixed income is sometimes approached as an afterthought to investing in higher–profile markets. The reality is that fixed–income investing may accomplish various important objectives, including the creation of income, preservation of principal and diversification.

Whatever your investment goal either Capital Appreciation or Investment Income, Please call our Investment Management Team on +234 (0) 908 781 2027 or send us an email for a list of investment products that may suit you.